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Baby don't you cry

«Only real people come here.
All people, no matter whether they were poor or rich, old or young, professors, junkies or part of something bigger.
They no longer lie, they no longer have anything, they are just there. "

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July 31, 2021

Hello there,

July is drawing to a close and, as has so often been the case recently, there is only small but constant progress to be reported. In the current project I am now at around 20,000 words, whereby the research work eats up a lot of time.

I am still getting great feedback on my latest novel "Baby, Don't You Cry" and during the signing campaign at the Graff bookstore in Braunschweig I also waved the pen. You don't believe how happy I am about the interest and about finally being able to be a small but real part of the book industry.

In the coming weeks I will hopefully make further progress and delve even deeper into the very complex world of #projektjeanundelia. Thanks to great readers, I have now also made valuable contacts who can help me with extremely technical topics within the story (and of course thank you are mentioned).

So it keeps moving, even if I have a week's vacation starting on August 16, which I am eagerly looking forward to. I missed the balance very much.

Stay healthy and hopefully in good spirits, we'll read each other here or on Instagram!

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Nina Kay lives in Bielefeld, where she first completed her studies in linguistics and literary studies, and then devoted herself entirely to writing stories in the field of queer NewAdult.


She doesn't make up a story, she just tells what her characters show her - at least she is firmly convinced of it, because otherwise it would be completely unrealistic. When she is not writing, she is passionate about listening to music, drawing or being inspired by other stories in images, sound and on paper.

Short trailer to me!
Image by Olia Gozha

As I Leave

Queer New Adult


Jean träumt nicht mehr, seit er isoliert hinter vierfach verschlossenen Türen lebt. Zu groß ist die Angst vor der Welt unter seinem Fenster, die ihm nichts übriggelassen hat, keine Kinobesuche, Strandnachmittage und Treffen mit Freunden.
Bis auf seine launische Katze und Blue, den Wanderer, hat er niemanden, dem er die Bilder zeigt, die er so gern malt, eine farbgewaltige Flucht vor der Realität. Als ein Wasserrohrbruch diesen vermeintlichen Frieden erschüttert und Jean vor Panik kaum atmen kann, ist es Elia, der ihn genau dort wiederfindet.
Seine Augen sind die Nacht, die Jean endlich schlafen lässt, sein warmes Lächeln und die achtsamen Worte bringen Jeans unruhiges Herz erst zum Schaudern und schließlich zum Glühen. Den Himmel über Los Angeles' staubigen Straßen mit ihm zu suchen und auf Regen zu warten weckt verloren geglaubte Sehnsucht in ihm, nach Leben, aber vor allem nach Elia.
Aber auch Elia braucht tiefen Schlaf, um zu vergessen. Auch er schweigt um das, was verloren ist, und fürchtet die Tage, die länger werden, je näher sie einander kommen. Bis nichts mehr bleibt. Für den einzigen Schutz vor einer Welt, wie sie nicht sein sollte.


Baby don't you cry

Queer New Adult


Phil had it all: 
A place at one of the best colleges in California, nice friends, loving parents and the clear prospect of a bright future. He realizes that his dreams are fragile and built on nothing but debt when his father loses the well-run business and Phil has to move to a remote campsite.
Fearful and worried about his family, he finds it difficult to accept his situation, and the beauty of nature and the harsh friendliness with which he is welcomed in this strange place are only poor compensation for his loss.
Only Noah, the young man who speaks little and lives alone in a huge motorhome, arouses Phil's interest,
and as great as the differences between them are, his life suddenly feels so real.
Because, between her stumbling heartbeats and deepest wishes, Noah shows him not only the heat of a summer under the open sky, but also how dark the nights are
Out there how loud they really whisper about lost things, and how much a person can take when they have to.

But until Phil also realizes that money can give neither hope nor comfort and that Noah was cheated of both, 
all he really wants seems to be just a dream again.


All The Fucks We Give

queer  NewAdult

Vol. 1 of the All-Dilogy


Julien doesn't need anything or anyone, just his best friend Bekah, his longboard and the independence that he can enjoy in Chicago. His only problem is that his brother is asking for rent and that Julien is still getting angry far too often for no apparent reason - at least he thinks. When a young man moves in next door, everything suddenly changes. Because Sasha, the rich son from a good family, who loves thunderstorms and avoids people, has the most beautiful eyes Julien has ever seen. Those who make his heart stumble, who soften his brain and see something in Julien that he does not yet know himself.
And that he definitely wants to get to know.

No matter how far he has to go.
No matter what the others say.
No matter how close Sasha gets to the cause of Julien's anger.


All The Nights We Stay

Straight NewAdult

Vol. 2 of the All-Dilogy


Rules, order, discipline - Miguel's everyday life is full of principles.
Breaking it means failure, and that is out of the question for the perfect suit man who only lives for his career and works so hard for his success.
Until Miguel's body suddenly goes on strike and he has to realize that he cannot go on like this.
Lee, of all people, should help him.
Lee with the butterfly tattoo and a smile that upsets Miguel’s rigid world and makes him weak. So wonderfully weak. And at the same time so vulnerable to the images that keep him awake at night.

That nobody should see.
Nobody Miguel wants to protect.
Least of all himself.


Some Say We Won't

Queer NewAdult


The traffic on New York's streets, crowded supermarkets, people talking in riddles and doing things when they want something completely different. All of this overwhelms Maël's mind, and without the soundproof headphones and his camera, he wouldn't even leave his safe apartment.
In a world that changes every day and that is far too fast, she shows him things that no one else sees, such as the silence behind all the noise or the beauty in the broken. Like Luca, who does not want to be photographed, fears every touch and speaks with his hands when he has no words.
Maël has never been closer to anyone and at the same time so strange, because Luca is not only smart and attentive,
but also unpredictable. Full of sadness and doubt, driven by apparently irrational fear and thus nothing that Maël can understand.

Nobody to fall in love with.
And yet everything he wants to keep with him so that he no longer has to survive out there alone.

Readers' opinions

“The way Nina Kay tells is like poetry to me.

It washes around me, takes me with it and, in a wonderful way, never lets go of me. "


Cover design


Books are works of art, inside and out. My cover design is individual, adapted to your needs and unique. I offer you graphic concepts, modern eye-catchers and space for interpretation that arouses curiosity about your text.


Write me an email ( or contact me via Instagram - tell me about your story. What is important to you? What mood can we expect? Are there any special elements that you would like to see?

Together we work out an individual design in close consultation, if possible without known stock photos  and with selected graphics by artists and designers. I create my own design from it and discuss everything with you. If you are satisfied, so am I!  

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- Up to three revision passes in an appropriate form

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Please look around at me!

Image by Barrett Ward


I offer you a comprehensive proofreading of your fiction text.

Since I enjoy my work and want to work with passion and genuine interest in YOURS, I prefer the following genres, which you are welcome to offer me:

- NewAdult

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Prices & procedure

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