Review copies

Are you interested in a review copy for your blog and / or your social media channels?

Then you have several options. For an eBook, just contact me via Instagram, Facebook, Lovelybooks or by email. Tell me a little bit about yourself Why are you the right person for this book? It is not important to me how big your online presence is, as long as there is an honest interest and openness towards my writing style, queer content and sometimes difficult topics.

In return, I would like a review on the major platforms. This includes Amazon and Thalia, but also Lovelybooks and Goodreads, bü, Hugendubel, etc. The first two are more or less compulsory, the rest desired.

If you'd rather review a print copy, you can contact Books on Demand directly, where I publish. To do this, write an email to and especially for my novel "All The Fucks We Give" to

I have linked the guidelines for receiving a copy here: